Avoid recovery e-mail notification after warning service state

  • 14 July 2022
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Hello all,

First of all thank you in advance who can help me with that.

We have configured in our Centreon system monitoring to only receive e-mail notifications when a service becomes critical and when it is recovered. The problem is when there are warnings situations: after they are Ok we receive an e-mail that they are recovered.

So to sum up: is it possible to receive recovery notifications only when it is a service coming from a critical service state and not when is it a warning?

Thank you very much,

2 replies

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Hello @Rafa , this is a recovery into OK so it doesn't matter from what states comes from. An idea could be to get alerted for the NOK and then when the OK comes in you can see the history. 


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this is what do for not received OK recovery from unknow state,:


[ "$LASTSERVICESTATE$" != "UNKNOWN" ] && /usr/bin/printf  …….