Centreon 22.04 admin login issue after 20.04 centreon.sql import

  • 16 November 2022
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Good day,

Distributor ID: RedHatEnterprise
Description:    Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.6 (Ootpa)
Release:        8.6
  -  mysql versions on both Centreon 20.04  and 22.04 are at V10.5.18

  - Performed mysqldump of centreon and centreon_storage from Centreon 20.04 . Imported centreon_storage into V22.04 with no issues. When I import centreon.sql into V22.04, the “admin” login gives me the following error. 

“t::setTheme(): Argument #1 ($theme) must be of type string, null given, called in /usr/share/centreon/src/Centreon/Infrastructure/Contact/ContactRepositoryRDB.php on line 429”

Would anyone know why I’m getting this error?




3 replies

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I don’t see it. I don’t think this is similar!


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Good day,

If I import V20.04 centreon_storage.sql into my V22.04 centreon, I have no issues.

The import of V20.04 centreon.sql into Centreon V22.04 causes the problems.

The commands I use to import are 

mysql -u root -p centreon_storage < centreon_stoarge.sql 

mysql -u root -p centreon < centreon.sql


Would you know how I could import my V20.04 centreon.sql? Mysqldump on my Centreon V20.04 server was used to create centreon.sql.