Centreon and telegram

  • 10 September 2022
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I have some problem with my centreon and telegram notification I follow the tutorial 

  1. install :
  2. add  bot and conversation (and take token)
  3. add notification command in my centreon 
  4. add the notification at my user 

I test with my phone (create ping host) and when ping is down I don’t have telegram message 


Thanks for you help 

4 replies

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Hello @etomrio 

Could you share your definition of notification Host command ? And the same command when you execute it from your poller ?

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yes ! 


curl -s -X POST
/sendMessage -d text="El Host $HOSTNAME$ ($HOSTADDRESS$) esta en estado $HOSTSTATE$, más info: $HOSTOUTPUT$ - $LONGDATETIME$" -d chat_id=-MYIDCHAT



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You could add the absolute path of cURL and test it, or simply add a ressource with the absolute path of binary cURL ?

But, i think you could use the Centreon Plugins Telegram Notification here

You could inspired with this tutorial :

I've tried the Centreon Plugins Slack Notification with Mattermost here, you could inspired with the Command notification here :


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OK tanks I will try