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  • 24 October 2022
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Greetings everyone,
i have a strange problem in which i cannot solve, perhaps someone can point in right direction.
I’m polling my printer thru snmp with “consum test” command to see whats available to poll:

screenshot below shows I’m able to poll listed items such as black toner:

my next item i want to poll are the drum status, so:

printer or centreon doesn't like the string “Drum Cartridge (R1)”

but its listed as that just like Black Toner.

However, this string with backslashes works via command line:

My problem really is the above command with the backslashes only works with command line, when doing this command via the GUI, it doesn't work, I’m finding the GUI is stripping the backslashes… has anyone come across this or know of a solution/workaround ??

6 replies

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ok i fixed it. i realized i had to use the CONSUMX command to specifiy the EXACT name to monitor.


hope this helps someone out there LOL

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Maybe i'm wrong and you don't have the use case you want, but you have a centreon-plugins and the plugin packs is free (I think you could use it without license, Aka Open Source version of Centreon)

to setup your check more simply than with the nagios-plugins.

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what @gespada said

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i agree with you 100%, i have tried that route and successfully used the plugin rfc3805, however, its reporting opposite and doesn't seem to follow the warning/critical thresholds. for example, i have known color printer with black toner at 16%, critical threshold is any number above 16% - it reports back as “OK”, when i change the critical threshold to any number below 16% - it reports as “critical”

also i have magenta toner at 82%, same scenario, i play with the thresholds, any number above 82% reports as “critical” any number below 82% reports as “OK”

i was able to reproduce this with any snmp printer on my network, its reporting opposite.

What gives? any known bugs with this python plugin ?

my debian11 box is all up to date, centreon is at latest version and plugins are up to date etc.


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here is a screenshot


not sure how to “attach” an image here, the screenshot looks small ...


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anyone ??