customized notification not working

  • 13 February 2024
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Dear community,

I’m asking your help. I try to create a new customized notification connector. At this moment I’m pretty sure the command is properly formated.

However, Never I’ve received a notification sent using this connector.

From “Notification side”, here is what I’ve configured.

host notify
service notify

Here is what is logged within centreon-engine.log

log centreon-engine

(No output return from plugin is just because of the connection unavailable, as everytime I want the system to use this connector, I cut the network connection within the virtual machine. Therefore Centreon is unable to communicate with the agent).

The more strange that I’m unable to understand and go further is


“Error: can't execute service notification 'astreinte_tel' : missing separator '''”

The user ‘astreinte_tel’ is the one who should use the connectors…


Note: I’ve tried to enable debug logs, but don’t know why the current system is unable to keep my settings, therefore nothing is filled in centengine.debug.


I hope this is enough clear, and somebody could share an idea in order to help me fixing that issue.



Best Regards,



1 reply

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On another platform I’m currently building I’ve succeed to enable debugging mode which has helped me to understand a bit more this behavior.


In this screenshot I can see the command is truncated by the semicolon which is not available after the command read, which should help to populate the variable that need to be read in the last command (call to the Orange EveryConnect API).

I tried to change the semi colon by two ampersand but it does not reach the same result and the call to the API is not succeed.