Display of the detailed output (ie: long output)

  • 31 January 2024
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I’ve been asked (and asked here) what was the status of the implementation of the Nagios standard macros in Centreon. I got no answer yet and manage to make an ad-hoc command to help me to have an idea of the subject. Doing that I noticed an unrelated problem, which is the subject of this post.

In the legacy pages one could access the whole detailed output, whatever is the length of its lines (even if it is needed to scroll horizontally for long lines) :

But I noticed that it was not anymore possible with the new interface, even if enlarging the side panel at its maximum width, the end of the longest lines is not visible at all :


​​​It’s Centreon Web 22.10.15, I can’t test newer version at the moment.

Is it something we can expect to be fixed. Actually I didn’t have the case apart of this one, but user may ask me to have some information in the detailed output, and maybe no one complained, but it’d because they all still use the legacy pages… :/

1 reply

While I was reporting another (related) issue:

I discovered that I can provide more information regarding this post: if the long line isn’t a long word (ie: if it has spaces or tabs in it) the line is correctly displayed (ie: splitted). On this point, the legacy pages behave the same.

So the only problem (apart of the problem reported is the link above) is that the side panel of the Resource Status page can’t be set as wide a what it could be made in the legacy pages.

Also, as an enhancement, long lines could be justified also at the word level (ie: a long word could be splitted for display to fit in the screen hence be visible). Or, IMO a better solution: an horizontal scrollbar could be made available for those cases.

I understand this is not a very serious problem, but in my opinion this is the kind of detail which makes the difference between a lambda software and a quality software.