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  • 31 August 2023
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I'd like to execute, with Dynatrace API v2, a GET request (synthetic - HTTP monitor execution).
- Is it possible to perform this with the Dynatrace Centreon plugin ?
- If not, is there an other way to proceed ?



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4 replies

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Hi !

Thanks for your interest in Centreon.

Could you precise what kind of information you need to GET using Dynatrace API ?


Dynatrace Centreon plugin may help you to get some interesting metrics about problems, events, performance index or monitors availability :


If necessary, you can also query REST API using generic HTTP connector : 


Let me know is this can help you or if you need more informations.


Best regards



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Thanks Florian,

The Dynatrace Centreon plugin doesn’t give sufficient detailed informations, that’s the reason why I’m trying to build GET requests.

I’m going to test HTTP connector, to see if it seems relevant for my needs.

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I’ve tried the HTTP connector, it seems to be the adequate solution, but my new issue is how to configure the token requested to access to the URL I’m interested in.

I’ve checked with the help (/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ --plugin=apps::protocols::http::plugin --mode=expected-content --help), but I didn’t find many explanations.

Does someone tried this kind of request before, with a token ?

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Finally the issue is fixed. The solution to add the Token is provided by the option --header.


--header=’Authorization: Api-Token ValueOfTheToken’

Hoping it can help !