[Error 42S02] Centreon REST API v2/ Login Credientials {59099545}

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When attempting to authenticate to the Centreon server API with the REST API, I receive the following error message in response:



    "code": "42S02",

    "message": "An error has occurred in a repository"


The request was sent to the correct endpoint with the correct credentials (when I enter incorrect credentials, I get the credentials error).


  "security": {

    "credentials": {

      "login": "{{username}}",

      "password": "{{password}}"




endpoint: https://{{server}}/centreon/api/v2/login


Is this problem known ? Any idea to solve this ?

By the way, I can’t find any related logs to this in my /var/log/centreon/ folder

I only have access logs (the request is received and processed).


Centreon 21.10.4


Thank you for your help!



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up! I still did not find any solutions 

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Hello are you sure about the endpoint ?


Do you have any logs into /var/log/php-fpm/centreon-error.log or into /var/log/centreon/sql-error.log ?


The code 42S02 usually means that a table doesnt exist into your database.


Is your 21.10 platform a fresh install or an upgrade ? If it is an upgrade what was your previous version ?

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Hello Jérémy,


Thank you very much for your reply!


I don’t have any folder named /var/log/php-fpm/

As for /var/log/centreon/sql-error.log  i do have some logs but none appear when sending the request to the endpoint.

I did an upgrade to 21.10 from the version 20.10


For information, the API version 1 was working well. 


Thank you!

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Could you check if the following tables exists in your configuration database (centreon by default)? 





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I’ve just checked and yes the tables exists in my centreon database


Do you think that upgrading centreon version could resolve the issue ? But I’m scared it can get things worse.