Error during centreon-central installation on alma linux 8

  • 3 August 2022
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I am installing the last version (22.04) open source of centreon but I encounter problems.

I'm going with a distributed architecture (1 central machine, 1 database and pollers).

All my VMs are freshly installed OS whose characteristics are as follows:

[root@sup-cent-01 ~]# cat /etc/centos-release
AlmaLinux release 8.6 (Sky Tiger)
[root@sup-cent-01 ~]# uname -m
[root@sup-cent-01 ~]# uname -r

I want to install via packages, I followed this procedure:


My problem is that on the central, arrived at step (With a remote database / Run the following command on the Central server:) “dnf install -y centreon-central” I encounter these errors:

[root@sup-cent-01 ~]# dnf install -y centreon-central
Last metadata expiration check: 0:44:21 ago on Wednesday 03 August 2022 09:27:07 AM CEST.
 Problem: package centreon-central-22.04.1-8.el8.noarch requires centreon-license-manager < 22.05.0, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package centreon-central-22.04.1-8.el8.noarch requires centreon-license-manager >= 22.04.0, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package centreon-license-manager-22.04.0-1.el8.noarch requires php-pecl-gnupg >= 1.5, but none of the providers can be installed
  - cannot install the best candidate for the job
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.0-1.el8.remi.7.2.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.0-1.el8.remi.7.3.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.0-1.el8.remi.7.4.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.0-1.el8.remi.8.0.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.0-2.el8.remi.8.1.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.7.2.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.7.3.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.7.4.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.8.0.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.8.1.x86_64 is filtered out by modular filtering
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages or '--nobest' to use not only best candidate packages)

I admit that I am neither an expert in centreon nor in linux and I wonder what I should do.
Maybe I should try to install an older version of centreon?





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Hello @mc.gyver.reboot 


If you want to get started quickly I suggest to use the VM's provided by Centreon and these links


You might also be interested in looking at the available architectures link to look for one that matches your setup



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Hi @mc.gyver.reboot , I try this morning an installation on Centreon on Alma 8.6 following the documentation without problem.

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Hello, @hmorales ,

In fact I know a little centreon (I'm not a pro but I have notions).
I currently have an installation with several thousand hosts (an old version under centos 6) that I need to migrate to a new infra. The current architecture is distributed and I want to continue to be in this configuration.
Unless I am mistaken, the packaged version of centreon does not allow (well at least with version 22.04 under alma) to create such an architecture, please correct me if I am wrong.



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@mc.gyver.reboot of course you can continue to install a distributed architecure:

And to migrate data from old Central server:



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In fact I already follow these procedures (and I don't think I was wrong until now with the commands to type).
I am at the “Step 2: Installation” part, "With a remote database” and at the first command I have the problem (dnf install -y centreon-central)


Basically I haven't done anything yet except to install the OS, install the repo (disable the security part)


Note that my version is apparently too old (v2.8) to switch to a modern version of ceontreon. I'm starting from scratch.



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@mc.gyver.reboot sorry I tried a central with database this morning, let me try with remote DB

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@mc.gyver.reboot it’s work for me:

MariaDB-client-10.5.16-1.el8.x86_64 MariaDB-common-10.5.16-1.el8.x86_64
MariaDB-shared-10.5.16-1.el8.x86_64 almalinux-logos-httpd-84.5-1.el8.noarch
cairo-1.15.12-6.el8.x86_64 centreon-auto-discovery-server-22.04.0-1.el8.noarch
centreon-broker-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-broker-cbd-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64
centreon-broker-cbmod-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-broker-core-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64
centreon-broker-storage-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-central-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch
centreon-clib-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-common-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch
centreon-connector-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-connector-perl-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64
centreon-connector-ssh-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-engine-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64
centreon-engine-daemon-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64 centreon-engine-extcommands-22.04.0-13.el8.x86_64
centreon-gorgone-22.04.0-9.el8.noarch centreon-gorgone-centreon-config-22.04.0-9.el8.noarch
centreon-license-manager-22.04.0-1.el8.noarch centreon-license-manager-common-22.04.0-1.el8.noarch
centreon-perl-libs-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Applications-Databases-Mysql-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Applications-Monitoring-Centreon-Central-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Applications-Monitoring-Centreon-Database-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Applications-Monitoring-Centreon-Map4-Jmx-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Applications-Monitoring-Centreon-Poller-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Applications-Protocol-Dns-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Applications-Protocol-Ftp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Applications-Protocol-Http-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Applications-Protocol-Ldap-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Hardware-Printers-Generic-Snmp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Hardware-Ups-Standard-Rfc1628-Snmp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Network-Cisco-Standard-Snmp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-plugin-Operatingsystems-Linux-Snmp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch
centreon-plugin-Operatingsystems-Windows-Snmp-20220727-130028.el8.noarch centreon-poller-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch
centreon-pp-manager-22.04.0-2.el8.noarch centreon-trap-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch
centreon-web-22.04.2-2.el8.noarch centreon-widget-engine-status-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-global-health-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-graph-monitoring-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-grid-map-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-host-monitoring-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-hostgroup-monitoring-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-httploader-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-live-top10-cpu-usage-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-live-top10-memory-usage-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-service-monitoring-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-servicegroup-monitoring-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
centreon-widget-single-metric-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch centreon-widget-tactical-overview-22.04.0-5.el8.noarch
php-pecl-gnupg-1.5.1-1.el8.remi.8.0.x86_64 php-pecl-zip-1.21.0-3.el8.remi.8.0.x86_64
php-process-8.0.22-1.el8.remi.x86_64 php-snmp-8.0.22-1.el8.remi.x86_64
php-sourceguardian-loader-8.0-1.el8.x86_64 pixman-0.38.4-2.el8.x86_64



Can you try to execute again the following 2 commands:

dnf module reset php
dnf module install php:remi-8.0


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A huge thank you @Laurent  !
I was able to solve the problem with the commands:

dnf module reset php
dnf module install php:remi-8.0

Having VM I have made several attempts, it turns out that following the installation of the centreon-release package I cannot launch my installation command for centreon.

If I repeat the commands below after installing the centreon-release package, it's OK.

dnf module reset php
dnf module install php:remi-8.0