Excluding services from monitoring on Windows.


Hello Team

I want to exlude some services with startup type Automatic on Windows Server from being monitored. I understand that it should be done in service Services-Auto. Then i should add New entries in ‘Service check options’ named EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE2, EXCLUDE3 and in the value field windows service name?

Is it correct configured on above screeshot? Thanks for reply.

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Hello @jakubsz 

You cannot add options (MACROS) like that, you need to use regular expression (Regexp) to exclude services.

Documentation is really light about your plugin pack : for the supervision of this operating system.

And the older documentation also :

Plugin Packs : or

You could have more help and understanding about plugins and regular expressions on SugarBug website

And also the syntax about NSClient++ :

A plugin pack is just an preconfigured Host template with is Services template (Not really ALL the possibility of the script behind) and maybe sometimes Discovery template to use Discovery module.

All the options (MACROS) are defined on the Command that the reason you cannot add options (MACROS) except if you create your command, your service template, host template in order to apply your host template to your host.

Command behind your service template :



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And also here :

And others things about NSClient++ :