(Execute command failed) => host down

  • 14 March 2024
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I'm using Centreon 23.04.9 on AlmaLinux 9.2, with a machine equipped with a 16-core CPU and 32 GB of RAM. For the past two months (without having made any configuration changes in Centreon or my network), I've been experiencing the following issue: I receive host down notifications every n minutes, and in the info section, I see "(Execute command failed)" (there is no further information in the service/host details). While the service or host remains in this state, I execute the command on the server and receive a response. After a few minutes, they return to ok/up status, only to happen again (it's not always the same devices or services). I have searched this forum and others, but I haven't found anything similar or a solution.

As an additional piece of information, I don't have it set up in a cluster, and I have 2200 hosts and 6200 services, in case that helps.

Any ideas on where I can look or does anyone know a solution to this problem? I've had to stop these emails at the FortiMail level because they flood my ticketing system.

Thank you very much in advance.😀

3 replies

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Hello, have you tried to add a poller beside your central? How does your IO’s look?