Fresh Install 24.04 - No graph displays

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I’m new user of Centreon, and i just install the last version 24.04 of centreon from official documentation.

I just add a host with some services that are provided with template 


After exporting the configuration file, Services monitoring are working but no graph are display….

Could someone help me to solve the issue? perhaps i’m missing to select an option for graph??





Best answer by jboss 16 May 2024, 16:43

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HI @jboss, can you heck in /var/log/centreon-broker/central-rrd-master.log if your have errors?

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Hello @Laurent , there is no error:

But it seems working if restart the service cbd centengine gorgoned


apparentlly i need to restart this 3 services when i have no graph


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You need to check in gorgoned, cbd and centengine if you have warning or error to understand why graphs stop.

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on my gorgoned.log i have these errors:


on my centengine.log: no errors appears

on centbroker-master.log: no errors also

on centreon-broker/central-rrd-master.log:



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Hi @jboss

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