Global-disk not displaying properly

  • 25 April 2022
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I created a service to Monitor the E drive on a few of my Windows computers. There are 3 of them and 2 work fine but the 3rd gives an error.



Any Idea why?


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7 replies

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Hello @sarnold02 

What is the disk sizes on your windows server ?

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The one that's not working is 16TB


I have another server with the 16TB on it and it monitors fine.

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Could you try the option --counters-overflow ?

Or --snmp-autoreduce ?

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Unknown option: counters-overflow at /usr/lib/centreon/plugins// line 141.



UNKNOWN: Issue with storage information (see details)




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Could you update the plugin ?

yum update centreon-plugin-Operatingsystems-Windows-Snmp

And then try again the option --counters-overflow ?

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that worked!!!! 


Thanks man.


It worked for me as well


Many thanks