Hosts and Services display 0 servers in GUI

  • 20 January 2023
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I’ve imported centreon and centreon_storage from my RHEL7  server to a new RHEL8 server  configured with  Centreon 21.04. 


  - the GUI does not display any HOSTS or SERVICES = “0” but my poller is running

  - if I export the poller  (Move/Restart/Post), The Console displays the progress  at 0%.


Any ideas where I should look to fix this?




3 replies

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Hello @jcarrier

You just use a new server with a new OS RHEL8 and you install a 21.04 with the dump of the older platform only ?

You don't do any change on your Pollers (OS, Centreon Version) pollers are on 21.04.x supported by your 21.04.x you installed on your Central ( ?

You use Gorgone for the connection between your Central and your Poller(s) or SSH ?

Maybe, you just do redeploy your gorgone configuration because you change the Central ? (a new thumbprint with the new central)

When you solved the communication problem, i think you do upgrade your platform to a supported version


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Good day,

   I keep getting the following error with my installation of Centreon 21.04. Any idea what needs to be done?


   Currently installing database and generating cache... please do not interrupt this process.

Step Status
Setting up configuration file OK
Configuration database createTables.sql Line 21:Cannot execute query : /*!40101 SET character_set_client = @saved_cs_client */;
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I don't understand your last post versus the first.

For the first have you follow this guidelines :

Most particulary the last indication with the replacement of IP adresse ?

Could you share some logs of gorgone /var/log/centreon-gorgone on Central and Poller(s) and also /var/log/centreon-engine