How can i change my server ip(centreon remoteDB poller)

  • 18 April 2024
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I have install centreon  with remoteDB and one poller  based on centos8  ,it works well. but now I want to change the IP addresses of these three servers, and I would like to know which configuration files I need to modify to ensure that the monitoring system functions properly after the change.


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HI @hqm199 

If you want to change the IP address of a poller:

  1. Go to “Configuration > Pollers > Pollers” menu, edit your poller, change IP and SAve
  2. Restart gorgoned process on Centreon Central server:
    • systemctl restart gorgoned
  3. Generate and export configuration for your poller using “Configuration > Pollers > Pollers” menu

If you want to change the IP address of your DBMS:

  1. Edit following files:
    • /etc/centreon/centreon.conf.php
    • /etc/centreon/
    • /etc/centreon/config.d/10-database.yaml
  2. Edit your Centreon Broker central (“central-broker-master”) configuration using “Configuration  >  Pollers  >  Broker configuration”, in output tab for “Unified SQL” output and save
  3. Generate and export configuration for your Central server using “Configuration > Pollers > Pollers” menu
  4. Restart centreon process on Centreon central server:
    • systemctl restart centreon
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