how to add or remove services from an host

  • 23 January 2024
  • 4 replies

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Recently i remove all my host drom a template that was use before i started working for my company and wanted to update it/replace it so i did.

And now i’m having an issue where some of my host keep the services from the old template and give me information about it and some use the services from my new template.

So my question is how can i remove services from an host and how can i do it for all of them.

Thanks for you reply.

4 replies

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Hello, are they all on the same poller ? 

Maybe the error come from the configuration export, one poller may not work

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Yes all of my host are on the same poller but every time i export the configuration i only reload the poller i’ve never restart it.

Could it be the root of my issue ?


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Sorry for the late reply, yes it could be try to restart the poller. 

I may have another idea, when you change the template of an host you need to check a box named “Create Services linked to the template too”. If you do not tick this box it’ll simply change the template without creating the services affiliated to the template.

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Thanks you and sorry for my late reply,

I have one issue for this solution (correct me if i’m wrong) but i don’t have the plugin “auto discovery” install and i think that this solution is only related with this plugin.