Impossible d'ouvrir la plateforme CENTREON.

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Bonjour depuis un temps je n’arrive plus a ouvrir mon outil CENTREON.Nous constatons un message d’erreur “ Unable to connect to database “ qui s’affiche uniquement.

Besoins de votre support Please!!


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Hi @asael generally when there is this kind of error, it is because the disk which hosts the database is full and therefore the MariaDB process has stopped and you can no longer access the interface.

You must connect to your DBMS, check space and restart mariadb process.

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Hi @Laurent  I have increased the disk space. I have tried to start the database but it refuses.


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Hi @asael you can see in logs that mariaDB won’t start. Please check all logs from /var/lib/mysql/*.log

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Hi @asael,

Did you manage to find a solution to your issue? If so, feel free to share how you did it; it will help someone with the same problem find a solution easily.

Thank you,