Migrate Centreon from centos7 to Debian 11

  • 20 July 2022
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I migrated my Centos7 Centreon 22.04 platform to Debian 11 Centreon 22.04.

For the Central, I used this procedure : https://docs.centreon.com/docs/migrate/migrate-from-20-x/

User IDs for centreon, centreon-engine and centreon-broker accounts are not the same on these 2 platforms.

On Centos 7 :

uid=994(centreon-broker) gid=992(centreon-broker) groups=992(centreon-broker),995(centreon),994(nagios),993(centreon-engine),989(centreon-gorgone)
uid=995(centreon-engine) gid=993(centreon-engine) groups=993(centreon-engine),995(centreon),994(nagios),992(centreon-broker),989(centreon-gorgone)
uid=997(centreon) gid=995(centreon) groups=995(centreon),993(centreon-engine),992(centreon-broker),48(apache),989(centreon-gorgone)

On debian 11  :

uid=112(centreon-broker) gid=120(centreon-broker) groups=120(centreon-broker),33(www-data),118(centreon),119(centreon-engine),121(centreon-gorgone)
uid=111(centreon-engine) gid=119(centreon-engine) groups=119(centreon-engine),118(centreon),120(centreon-broker),121(centreon-gorgone)
uid=110(centreon) gid=118(centreon) groups=118(centreon),33(www-data),119(centreon-engine),120(centreon-broker),121(centreon-gorgone)

As a result, I had to make the following adjustments:

chown www-data: /etc/centreon-broker/*
chown www-data: /etc/centreon-engine/*

chown centreon: /etc/centreon/*
chown centreon: /var/lib/centreon/*
chown centreon-broker: /var/lib/centreon/metrics/*
chown centreon-broker: /var/lib/centreon/status/*
chown centreon-gorgone: /var/lib/centreon/nagios-perf/perfmon-* -R
chown centreon-engine: /var/lib/centreon/centplugins/*

I also had to regenerate the gorgone configuration on all my pollers given the change of Central ID.

Is it possible to update the procedure in order to clearly identify the impacts of the OS change?

cg-tw 9 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. The documentation will be updated soon!

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Thanks for your feedback. The documentation will be updated soon!

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The documentation has been updated: https://docs.centreon.com/docs/migrate/migrate-from-el-to-debian/

Thank you for your input!