Monitior Other services (Windows and linux)

  • 16 March 2023
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how to monitor specific windows or linux services.
Example : the services of sage on windows or Odoo on linux

Could you help me ?!


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the default check “Services-Auto” on windows plugin pack (nsclient and other)  a global services check using the following rules 

on windows it’s based on startup type :

  • automatic: you get an alert if the service is stopped, as it should be running
  • manual : you don’t get any alert
  • disabled : you get an alert if the service is running as it should not be

this is the same rules as the “server manager”

basically you don’t need to add specific monitoring if your application run automatically at startup, the basic service check will take care of alerting you if there is a service stopped

if you want to check specifically an app, you can use the sames check with filters for the name of the service 


for linux you need to use check process





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Thanks for your reply. I will try it