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  • 2 November 2022
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Hello, I would like your help, I have 2 docker containers that I would like to monitor with Centreon, the truth is that I have no idea how to start or carry out this work, if it is possible for the console to be seen in case the container is down or up


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Hello @cristianandres9 

For Docker you have 3 possibilities dedicated to that.

Docker | Centreon Documentation

cAdvisor API | Centreon Documentation

cAdvisor | Centreon Documentation

With the first you have a mode who would be a solution for you, documentation is not updated.

So you could see here the differents mode for Docker :

With cAdvisor, you have the API :

And By Prometheus cAdvisor :




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hi and thanks @gespada clone the git repository but I'm stuck in tests I'm doing the perl command --plugin=cloud::docker::restapi::plugin --mode=node-status --help why I think it's the one I need to see the status of the container but I don't know how to complement it
this is the docker I want to test:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                   COMMAND                  CREATED         STATUS          PORTS                                            NAMES
e39fe4f9a030 "/usr/local/bin/dumb…" 3 months ago Up 3 months>5601/tcp kibana

I appreciate any guide

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Have you check the differents tips here (first to apply best security practice ) :

And here (a deployment in French) :

According your Docker version, API is :

Enable the Rest API is mandatory, in order to monitor Docker with centreon-plugins :  ://

If you have activated Docker Rest API and you have an retour, please post a detail of your command and error message.

To troubleshoot, you could add --debug option at the command.


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Hello, @gespada Thanks for the guide, it worked correctly for me.