Monitoring routeur teltonika

  • 9 April 2024
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I’m trying to monitor RUT from Teltonika.

When I check NTP :

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins//centreon-plugins/ --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=time --hostname= --snmp-version='2c' --snmp-community='public' --ntp-hostname='' --ntp-port='' --warning-offset='-5:5' --critical-offset='-30:30' --timezone=':Europe/Paris'
CRITICAL: Time offset -7200 second(s): Local Time : 2024-04-09T07:01:16 (:Europe/Paris) | 'offset'=-7200s;-5:5;-30:30;;
 /usr/lib/centreon/plugins//centreon-plugins/ --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=time --hostname= --snmp-version='2c' --snmp-community='public' --ntp-hostname='' --ntp-port='' --warning-offset='-5:5' --critical-offset='-30:30'

OK: Time offset 0 second(s): Local Time : 2024-04-09T07:01:31 (+0000) | 'offset'=0s;-5:5;-30:30;;

In Centreon interface, RUT are in Paris et on the web interface of RUT there are in PAris too.

I don’t understand where is the problem. Is it from the plugin pack?


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Hello :)

Reading your post I have the feeling that the question is about why the result is different when using the timezone option or not compared to the information available on the Centreon and RUT interfaces, am I right ?

If so, by reading the plugin help I found this : 
Check time offset of server with ntp server. Use local time if ntp-host option is not set
--timezone : Set the timezone of distant server. For Windows, you need to set it.
Can use format: 'Europe/London' or '+0100'.
If this option is not set, its default value appears to be ‘UTC’. 

Putting all this information together I think that in your case, the plugin uses local time (I can't say what local time exactly) and, in the absence of a timezone option, compare it to the UTC+0 value resulting in +000 :

  • First case it compare: local time and timezone=Europe/Paris => - 7200s (2h)
  • Second case it compare: local time and UTC => +000 (they are the same)


I hope that my answer can provide clarification and, if not, it will help to refocus the problem if I have misunderstood it.


To fix the NTP time issue on your Teltonika RUT device, make sure the NTP server settings are correct and that the device can talk to the server. If the time is still off, update your device’s firmware. If you’re stuck, Teltonika’s support team can help sort it out. Getting the time right is important for managing your network, so it’s worth getting help if you need it.

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