New UI of the Centreon commercial support.

  • 20 January 2023
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I started to use the new WebUI for the support :

It seems there is no way of formatting a message. No way of using italic, or fixed width. Am I missing something?

Also, I can join a file but can’t directly paste an image.

I opened a ticket (#58264)  by sending a mail, the inserted image is there but all the formatting is lost.

Will it be improved? Currently it sucks. Sorry for the language but it really does :(


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3 replies

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I feel I will like Zendesk a lot…


And what is the added value of There is a Zendesk official site/company:

I must use a VPN to connect from California if I want to opt-out? WTF… I’m too tired to care about that anyway. But the UI without formatting and image pasting possibilities is a real problem for sure, I hope it wiil be improved soon. Luckily it seems this is still possible to use the good old email to communicate with the support.


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Let’s not even talk about the fucked up text justification:

OK, it’s enough fuckery for today, need my weekend…

Have a nice day though.

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Hello @Stéphane 

Thanks for your feedback.

We will check it and try to improve your user experience in the next weeks.

About the data privacy, it seems you saw the PremiumPlus policy:

We just use their visual theme for the support portal.

About the Zendesk policy, you will find it here: