No Notifications in Event Log

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Good evening,

I have a strange problem, in the event log I don't see all events. I can see Aknowledge, Hard, Soft Events from Services and Hosts.

But in the event log no noftifications messages appear.
Also in the timeline I can't find any notifications.

What can be the reason for this?

Many greetings

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By default, the interface does not display notifications.

Did you check the box correctly?


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Yes I have checked the check box correctly.
I suspect that the messages are not stored in the database.
But they are sent by the engine.


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hello @loopback maybe set some date ranges? and another with a log period?



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What do you get if you check the last inserts in your `centreon_storage`.notifications table?

SELECT * FROM `centreon_storage`.notifications ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10
) AS sub
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I have the same problem as you, my notifications are working fine but there is no trace in the service and host history.

I'm interested if a solution is found.

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We have the same problem. 

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I found a work around for this issue:

Configuration  >  Pollers  >  Engine configuration > YOUR ENGINE > Log Option:

Change Logger version from v2 to v1 and export your poller. I think there is something wrong with the new default logging behavior. Maybe changing some logging options on v2 also do the trick.

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It’s working, thank you !

We can close this topic

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Hello everyone,


I encountered the same issue with my pollers (no notifications appearing on the event logger).

When I noticed your messages here, I was on the verge of reverting the engine logger version to V1 (legacy, with epoch timestamps). However, I discovered that by default, when you select V2 (ISO-8601, with log level fine-tuning), it sets the "Notifications" to "Error".

Changing it to "Info" and exporting the configuration resolved the issue and allowed us to view notifications in the event logs as it need to be.


Best regards,


PS: A bit stranger that none from centreon have helped us with this basic stuff after so many months !! ;-(


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Sorry, this topic has gone under the radar…

The log level of Notifications has been badly set in the introduction of the improved Engine logger, in 22.04, and has been fixed in 22.10, but only for new installs or upgrades from prior to 22.04 platforms (we avoid changing the existing configurations in the upgrade scripts).

To illustrate:

  • if you created your pollers on a 22.04 platform, or on a previous version and then upgraded to 22.04, you may want to change this setting.
  • If you created your pollers on a platform prior or higher to 22.04, and then upgraded to 22.10 or higher, you should not have to change anything.