No resources display on the resources page

  • 19 September 2023
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Hi everyone,

After anything on my centreon platform, no resources displays on the resources states…

When I check in network tab in Firefox, I see that the API call returns no resources


Request :


Response : 

    "result": [],
    "meta": {
        "page": 1,
        "limit": 100,
        "search": {},
        "sort_by": {
            "status_severity_code": "ASC",
            "last_status_change": "DESC"
        "total": 0

And on the resources page, I’ve “No result found”.

My file /var/log/php-fpm/centreon-error.log don’t show any error…
Centreon broker is ok on BDDO 2.0.0 and in version 3.0.0, same problem after restart services…

I’m on Centreon 23.04.7 but same problem before upgrade on 23.04.6 !

Thanks a lot


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3 replies

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Could you please check that the resources table is correctly filled ?

SELECT * FROM centreon_storage.resources;


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Table is correctly filled.
More than 2000 resources in table…

Older view is OK but resources status not !

But I’ve this 3 warning in console browser ! An idea ?

Unsatisfied version 2.0.4 from name of shared singleton module jotai (required ^1)
runtime~main.4c7173a9.js:1 Unsatisfied version 12.2.0 from name of shared singleton module react-
runtime~main.4c7173a9.js:1 Unsatisfied version 23.4.0 from name of shared singleton module @centreon/ui-context (required =22.10.0)

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Pff… I’ll never understand this software

After empty the table resources, everythings seems to be ok !
Command : DELETE FROM resources;