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  • 13 May 2022
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We having an issue with one of our poller. to give you some details of our monitoring infrastructure, its composed of 1 central server with 2 poller on our clients’s site. 

They are all in the same version 21.10:


The most part of time the poller work correctly and do his checking / notification job. But when we lose the whole part of client infrastructure (~70 hosts and ~300 services)  the poller doesnt send the notification on time, also the scheduling part seems to have some problem some host are lock in soft state :

 Also as you can see in the first screenshot the UI shows that the poller have some latency

For the notification part we receive 2 mail every minutes , so sometimes we receive the mail for one check one hour after the check changed his state. 

I checked the centengine.log and i found some interesting things :

But i didnt found any interesting topics on the web. 

We also tried to reinstall the poller … but it didnt solve the problem. 

The other poller is working correctly, we tried a notification test and he acted normaly.


Does some of you have meet this problem ? 


Thx in advance


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Hello @abii 

Thank you for you troubleshoot.

Could you give use the centengine.cfg of your poller to check if you’re up to date with the optimisation and that you have a “standard” configuration ?

Maybe the check_orphaned_host and check_orphaned_service is not enabled ?