NVIDIA GPU SMI SSH correctly installed but cant see template when adding a host


Hello, i have successfully installed the manager :



However, it does not show when trying to add a host :



Licensed activated for 100 hosts and i didnt install anything yet other than that manager.


I have followed the tutorial at all the way to the “Add a new Host and apply the HW-Device-Nvidia-Gpu-Smi-SSH-custom Host Template step”



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Hello :)

Can you tell me more about your Centreon to help me to isolate the problem ? (especially EL8/9 - Debian). I tested on my own Centreon (23.10/EL8 - 23.04/EL8 - 23.04/EL9 - 23.04/Debian 11) virtuals environments by installing the pack then creating a new host, the template seems to appear immediately (without even doing an Export/reload of the conf).

I’m not sure it’ll be enough but you may try to Export your conf and retry to add a host.
Looking forward to your response, have a nice day :)

PS: In some of my virtual env. base generic was not already installed (nvidia pack installation ask me to install it by the way), so if it’s your first pack installation you may need to check if base generic had been installed correctly even if I’m not sure it can run to this issue.

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Hi @JasonL

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