script slowing webUI

  • 15 November 2022
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Debian 11.4

Centreon 22.04


Notre plateforme est déconnectée d’internet et la navigation sur l’interface web est très ralentie par le javascript de pendo.

Il faut 2 fails pour que la page s’affiche.

3 replies

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Hi @coco163 , thank you for your feedback, we created an internal ticket to manage this asap.

I’ll move this ticket to platform because is not a Debian issue


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is there a way to disable script? since it slows a lot the loading of web pages

also we’re in a disconnected environment

Thank you

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For open source plate-forme, you can disabled “Send anonymous statistics” option from “Administration  >  Parameters  >  Centreon UI” menu.

You need also to remove coockie because value is checked every 24h.