Proble plugin fresh install (UNKNOWN: SNMP Table Request : Timeout)

  • 24 September 2022
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I just finalize an installation of Centreon on Google Cloud, but I'm facing an issue an issue with my cisco Plugin, from my first poller I can request a cisco device using snmp but from my another one I not able the error that I encountered is : 


UNKNOWN: SNMP Table Request : Timeout.


Request is the same on both poller : 


/usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=network::cisco::standard::snmp::plugin --mode=interfaces --hostname=X.X.X.X --snmp-version='2c' --snmp-community='XXXXX'  --interface='^Gi1/1/1$' --name --add-status --add-traffic --warning-in-traffic='70' --critical-in-traffic='80' --warning-out-traffic='70' --critical-out-traffic='80'


Thanks in advance for your help.


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3 replies

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Hello @Bochi,


The request works with one poller but doesn’t with another one. That means that either the UDP 161 connection from the poller to the Ciso device is blocked (beauce of a firewall for example) or the poller IP address is not allowed the communicate with the Cisco device (its snmp configuration).



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Hello @itoussies ,

It is not a flow issue, because somtime it’s work and sometime not.

If I add option ‘--snmp-autoreduce’ in my request it’s work…


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Answered here: