Problem when import configuration file

  • 12 February 2024
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Hi !

I meet a problem when i import my exported files.

Context : i exported all the services in one with the import/export centreon tools.

I need to re-deploy my centreon virtual machine and re-install it.

Before it, i exported 3 files : 

  • the hosts
  • the services
  • the commands

I redeployed/reinstalled the VM and Centreon and with my new instance, i imported the 3 files.

The first problem is that when i import anything, i got the message ‘please wait… this process can take several minutes’.
But after a long moment i refresh the page, export the poller configuration and reload it, and i see that i got new hosts for example.

But for the services and commands, i imported it and there are a lot of missing from my exported configuration.
I try to compare my previous configuration and new, and there are a lot of differences, somes commands was not imported, same for the services etc…

Is someone met this problem already ?
Is someone has a solution for me please ?


1 reply

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Hi !


I try the same operation from CentOS 7 plateform to RHEL 8 plateform.

I use Centreon AWIE fonctionnality.


I got error message when I try to import services (File is too large : >500 ko).


I have opened a ticket on the Centreon support.