Question about Centreon under Alma 8 and alma 9

  • 20 February 2024
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Hi Guys,

I would like to have your opinion about Centreon. I plan to install the 23.10 version (Community edition) but I am undecided between Alma 8 or 9.

In the long term, which of these is the best to use (more popular, stable, fewer bugs, available packages, recommended by Centreon)?

Your answer will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

3 replies

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I mean


Version Installation mode
RHEL/Oracle Linux 8 RPM packages, sources
Alma Linux 8 RPM packages, virtual machine, sources
RHEL/Oracle Linux/ALma Linux 9 RPM packages, sources
Debian 11 DEB packages


Alma8 has the VM’s. Also,


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Hi @ponchoh 

Thank you for your answer. I’ve quickly read the documents.

As seen, Almalinux 8 was chosen for the OVA version. Is there any reason?

Does it mean that Almalinux 8 is more recommended than 9 ? I mean for the long term… ^_^



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I suggest AL 9.


AL 8 is now a bit old (2019) and the so are the software who are included.

I think it’s wiser to start on AL 9, longer support life, newer software.