Question regarding on-prem server partitioning

  • 8 September 2023
  • 2 replies

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Hi there !

I’m about to install Centreon on a Debian virtual machine, and stumbled upon something in the documentation that left me wondering.

The prerequisites chapter of the documentation states that the server must use LVM. Ok, no problem here.

But it also indicates how my server should be partitioned, without saying what would happen if I don’t follow these indications.

So, I’d like to know : what am I risking by using LVM with a different set of logical volumes ? For example… fewer logical volumes (that would suit me 🤔)


2 replies

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The goal of partitionning is precisely to keep things separate, and for instance prevent growing logs from impacting broker or centreon engine. But as far as the directories hierarchy is right and the global space adequate, you’re free in your partitionning choices (although it’s not the best practice).


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Ok, thank you for your answer ! I do keep logs separate for this very reason. But I think I’ll separate the rest differently, for the sake of consistency with my other VMs.