Remote Poller Down.

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Hello , We have a problem with a remote poller ,

It happens several times a day that it is down with this error message : 
Database updates not active

We have also this message on central-broker-master.log :

[2022-05-13T07:59:59.516+02:00] [core] [error] failover: global error: BBDO: invalid protocol header, aborting connection: waiting for message of type 'version_response' but nothing received
[2022-05-13T07:59:59.516+02:00] [tcp] [error] Error while reading on socket: Operation aborted.

It’s ok once we restart the services on central.


Has anyone ever had this problem ? Thank for your help.

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Hello @apalma 

We have a bug that we doesn’t have identified yet.

The developpers may found the issue, but they need to backported on the 21.10.x

I will keep you inform as soon as I have a package for you.

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Thanks for your help !

We wait for the fix.