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Hi probably a bit of a noob question here as historically I’ve been using Centreon for the last 7 years but only ever needed a single server.

I have a requirement to monitor a clients infrastructure but they don’t have direct access to the central server so, as far as I can tell, I can just deploy a remote poller and have it report back to the central server (I only want one place to login and view all the graphs and systems status etc). The central server would not be able to talk directly to the client equipment but the remote poller would be installed on the client site and communicate back over the internet. Is this the correct approach? 


Thanks in advance

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Yes it works like you describe, but I sure hope you are planning to use IPsec VPN or some other secured connection instead of just “over the internet” which would be highly irresponsible and dangerous from security point of view.

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Agree with thakala. Your Central needs some visiblity to push new configurations to Poller and send ACK/DT, and your Poller needs some flows to send monitoring data to Central. You may get some trouble if your client also wants to connect web interface as you should publish your Centreon to him. (Or another aproach like remote servers)

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Hi @JHalliday
Did you manage to find a solution to your issue? If so, feel free to share how you did it; it will help someone with the same problem find a solution easily.
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