Service Alarms "Critical"

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I use the plugins “” with le mode “Alarms”.
There is an inverter wich has no alarms but Centreon attach the inverter with Alarms “Critical”


Can you help please


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Do you have any answers please.

Thank you

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Sorry, but I have no idea what an inverter is :) , and in your original post is hard to understand (‘’centreon attach the inverter”… mmh what?)


To help you, can you give us some information that will clear all that : 

could you provide

  • the command line for the check you run 
  • the ouput
  • the ouput with adding --verbose and --debug at the end of the command to get more 

also what is the make/model of the UPS you want to monitor (APC, eaton, just for example, has a dedicated plugin that will work better than the RFC one, there are a dozen different constructor in the catalog of plugin pack)

the --debug should return the snmp information, but maybe a full snmpwalk could help, but not now


if you read the code for the alarm check centreon-plugins/ at develop · centreon/centreon-plugins · GitHub you see that this check only read only one snmp table  and output the content.

Most likely an alarm is present inside this table, and the centreon plugin is not responsible to filter this, and simply display

this is a supposition, I would need the output and command line to see what’s what.


also fun comment in the --help of this command : 

it’s pretty old, as this was before centreon went on github, but maybe you are the first one to get an alarm on a UPS with RFC1628 :D, anyway, please send output