Status duration wrong?

  • 4 December 2023
  • 1 reply


After an upgrade from 22.10.11 to 22.10.15 I can see all the status duration for problems that roughly equal the time since I made the upgrade, not the time the status present.

Is it something unavoidable, or is it a new bug? I never noticed this before.

Also, a more general question: the old page has both “duration” and “hard duration”. Which one is the unique “duration” on the new page ? Why there aren’t both present anymore? 

1 reply

Somebody suggests it could be related to the /var/log/centreon-engine/status.dat file. I can see it has been recreated when the upgrade took place.
But I can also see, on our other platform, which hasn’t been upgraded yet, that this file may be recreated sometime, actually it has been a couple of month after the last upgrade according to the stat command.

Could our status duration issue to be caused by a faulty recreation of this file which is done during the upgrade?

It also seems (but I really am not sure on this) that acknowledgments also have been lost. If this happens on our production platform (which I plan to upgrade next Saturday) it will be a quite big problem.

What do you think?