Still receiving notifications about old host/services

  • 6 March 2023
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CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)
Centreon v 22.10.7


Hi the community,

I’m currently experiencing a strange issue.

1 host has been deleted via the GUI and I’m still receiving notifications.

***** Centreon notification *****
Type:    PROBLEM
Host:    **MY HOST**
Address: **IP WAN**
State:   DOWN
Since:   5d 2h 51m 52s
Info:    CRITICAL -
**IP WAN**: rta nan, lost 100%


I can not see this host or this service via the GUI (even if I change the URL to force the host id) .

I looked at the database, was able to found those ghost entries in centreon_storage / table hosts, services and resources.
Even if I set enabled, notify to 0, clear next_check  or delete the records  Centreon is still sending notifications to me.

I’ve looked for ghost poller and found nothing.
None usefull information found in log files.
Poller config already deployed many times, all services restarted, VM restarted.

Everything else is up and running.

I've scoured the internet and this forum without finding the answer.
Any idea ?


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2 replies

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Anyone to help me ?

Below is the data stored in database.
I also searched the entire server to find a text file containing the IP of this host with no luck.

If the host is marked disabled and there is no configuration file stored then why I still get notifications ?




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I solved my issue.

Here are the steps
 - fresh Centos install

- data & database synchronised from old Centreon .

=> the gost notification is gone

Wierd anyway !