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  • 5 December 2023
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Export of objects with non ASCII characters is broken (from the UI as from CLAPI), example :


Then the generated file can’t be imported, or if imported, it results in an object with a wrong name. (this is with 22.10.11 but as I saw nothing in the changelog about that I guess 22.10.15 still has this (very long lasting) bug.

AFAIK, there isn’t any import/export solution in APIv2.

Is this bug will be finally fixed someday ? Is the the APIv2 also has those encoding issues ? If not, is it planned to have an import/export functionality?

I’m aware I can use SQL, or coding what’s necessary from the existing APIv2, but I can’t figure why it had never been fixed while some new fancy functionalities are developed. Is it so difficult technically? Or am I the only user who complains about that and considers that the fact to be limited to ASCII nowadays is unacceptable?

I‘d really like to know  what the other users think, hence this post.  

4 replies

Unlike what I said, it seems exporting using CLAPI does not suffer of the problem, it’s only if exporting by the UI.

Exporting using the UI doesn’t use the same code than CLAPI (ie: the /usr/share/centreon/bin/centreon PHP script)?

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I believe that new versions handle it better, but can also try to suggest it through




I’ve been told it is a know problem already, and indeed, there are multiple topics here about this subject. I also can’t understand how fixing bugs may be considered as an idea!

I tested filtering on the service name on 22.10.15 (I’ve got no host with non ASCII character on this platform, the one I got the bug is 22.10.11  but should be upgraded to 22.10.15 this weekend). It only partially works: while I can search for a string with an “É", with VISÉ, and get the right results. But if searching for “É” only, then I get the same as if I had search for “E” or “e”. But anyway this is  not the particular problem I described above (and even may be related to the fact it is a SQL search if I’m not mistaken, and so, not a bug).

Can you test (the export of object(s) with non ASCII characters ing the menu Configuration > Import/Export)? I would also prefer, if it’s possible for you of course, to test with European characters rather than Korean (?) ones? Do there is any Korean Centreon users? (real question)

 I’m aware you may refer to the 23.04.X by “new versions”.

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the search with a single value makes sense, it is highly likely searching with a ‘LIKE’ but then that depends if the tables are set with AI (accent insensitive) or whatever is the default


if searching for “É” only, then I get the same as if I had search for “E” or “e”


That is correct 23.04.x + but I see what you mean



results in


HOST;ADD;áá¡_á¢áá¡á¢áá;això és un test;;;Central;




Upgrade for the win? 🤷‍♂️