Useless warning on password expiration

  • 4 December 2023
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We use LDAP account and this warning makes no sens whatsoever :


Both 22.10.11 and 22.10.15 (at least) are concerned. 

3 replies


I reported this issue two months ago now. Not only I got no answer but today I can see that the problem is still there in 22.10.19 (eight revisions later !) although I can read in the release note:


Centreon Web


Release date: February 14, 2024

Bug fixes

  • [CLAPI] Removed password expiration policy for LDAP authentication.

I wonder what’s your priorities to establish your roadmap. Seeing the software bloated with service like along with unfixed bugs like this one is seriously concerning. And I’m sorry  if what I  say  is hurting your feelings but “one does not build a castle on sand”. I’m too sorry I can’t provide patches to fix all the issues I encounter (and take the time to report, what seems to be useless most of the time, but  all those bugs do not help me to be able to free some.

I also regret you think relying mostly on an internal tracker instead of a publicly available one is a good thing but. I suppose you have good reasons.  And well… it’s not just  a two months old bug, but a one year.  


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Hi @Stéphane, Centreon 22.10.x is in P2 support phase so only blocking issue or security are fixed, as you seen in associated release notes.

However, this bug is more a cosmetic issue than a real bug and allow users using LDAP to connect to Centreon.

Finally, this bug have been fixe in Centreon web 23.04.2 under “[Authentication] Removed the password expiration policy for LDAP authentication.”


Thx for the answer. It may be cosmetic but I had users who contacted me  for this and I had to make a few checks to be sure it was actually only cosmetic… I don’t know what could be an “unreal” bug and cosmetic ones have some incidence on user experience. But this one is minor for sure, I thought only new functionalities were exclude, but OK. We have to upgrade to 23.10 soon anyway.
Have a nice day.