Using Centreon Command Line Api Remotely

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We have here Centreon 22.04.

We use the clapi binary on our Central Server to manipulate Centreon objects: particulary to import /build hosts, hosttempletes, servicestemplates ...etc

The binary is provided by the package "centreon-web-22.04.7-5.el7.centos.noarch"


/usr/share/centreon/bin/centreon -u admin -p XXX -o HG -a show

/usr/share/centreon/bin/centreon -u admin -p XXX -i my_file.txt  # THIS WILL IMPORT THE CONTENT OF THE FILE


Now we need to run this but from another linux server (Not on the Central), be I wonder how it is possible : ? Install the binary but how to specify where is the Centreon environment (database) to modify.

In other words : we need to run imports/creation of centreon objects remotely.

Has anyone already done this before ?

I know ‘centctl’ : but is from community and not supported by Centreon …

Thanks a lot !




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