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I downloaded the VM and imported it. But. I cannot log in to the web admin interface using password: Centreon123! as described in guide. Nor can I login using password: centreon
I have reset logonattempts in the database. So I am not blocked. But the credentials are clearly wrong:
 Authentication failed for 'admin' : invalid credentials


This is the contents_passwords table:

MariaDB [centreon]> select * from contact_password;
| id | password                                                     | contact_id | creation_date |
|  1 | $2y$10$JffowLXohFeLE3wtG9rugOm0qO6OsLMsD5As1eNGduvE8bNzM72/y |          1 |             0 |
|  2 | $2y$10$b1RijKu4AKDo5TCiu0wyfOOwpOuMtEq9FrEC2APPVgVeev5PiDSf6 |          4 |    1682617031 |
|  3 | $2y$10$z0zlDSdET2Fhg.gIaGLUqeQ46lWicgwQz88NOoNfh3g93lXhV2Jpu |          1 |             0 |

I have also tried setting the password to centreon using this query:
INSERT INTO contact_password (password, contact_id, creation_date) VALUES ('$2y$10$ubq1hJ9z3YPXBhejjae.Ie9u3AcMrwFNImPhOnnkLmEoNtwRGwNrC', 1, (SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())));

But still cannot log in. Is there a new password not documented anywhere or are there another error? 



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I of course mean password: Centreon!123. Typo in the post above. Anyway, none are working.

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Another update. It was not a typo :-)

There are 3 different passwords mentioned in documentation(s)!




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For 23.04 can confirm:




you might need to unlock



update contact set login_attempts=NULL, blocking_time=NULL where contact_id=1;


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Started from scratch for the time.


Is the correct password. Hopefully this post will save others from the agony…

Also. Having an English keyboard layout in the console instead of French, would be really helpful. 

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 English keyboard layout 


localectl set-keymap us
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Thanks. But even finding the keys to type this when you are used to QWERTY layout is a hassle. That is why I mean eg. us keyboard layout should be default😊