vCenter vSphere 8 compatibility with Centreon

  • 1 September 2023
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Hello guys, has anyone here using vCenter vSphere 8 with Centreon? Our current vCenter will be upgraded to vSphere 8 soon. We want to make sure that Centreon would be able to monitor vCenter (vSphere 8), the ESXs inside it and the VM hosts residing in it.


Unfortunately, we will not have test vCenter vSphere 8 to test and check the compatibility of Centreon with it.


Appreciate, your feedback on this.




5 replies

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Hi Crisanto,

We migrate our vCenter 2 weeks ago and we’re no more able to monitor it (VMware doesn’t maintain Perl SDK anymore...).


If anyone knows a workaround, I’ll appreciate ;)




Up !


Hello everyone,

We have the same problem.

Has anyone found a solution?




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Hello,I asked Centreon support and the answer was "I confirm compatibility with vCenter 8."
We will still do it in staging to be sure.
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Je suis sous vmware 8 update 2 ca fonctionne bien pas de problème

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@slayderz2 merci beaucoup pour ce retour !

Pour faire fonctionner le plugin local SDK de vCenter 8 y a pas eu d’action particulière ?