Vmware Deamon and Debian installation

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Good morning,

I installed Centreon 23.04 on Debian 11. The installation went well, the IT100 license is active.

However, I encounter a problem installing the Deamon related to VMWARE products.
On the documentation I only find the commands for CentOS 7 and nothing for Debian.

Do you have the procedures please?


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UP please :)

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Hey @Laurent could you please lend a hand to @BARBIER? He is in need of some help!

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Hi @BARBIER we are working on it.

I hope missing packages will be available soon.


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Hi @Laurent  and @Fabrix  , i’m in the same situation than @BARBIER . I’ve installed the new version 23.04 of Centreon on a DEBIAN11 VM,  did you know when we can acces to this plugin-pack  for Debian OS? 

Do you have a solution to monitor ESXi or Vcenter while waiting for the release of the pluging pack?

Thanks much

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hi all ! hi @BARBIER  i’ve used this cmd for install the plugin=>

apt-get install centreon-plugin-virtualization-vmware-daemon=3.2.4-bullseye 

(i’ve found this here: ) 

i hope i’ve helped u a little ! enjoy and nice to meet you.

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Hi, our experience migrating to Debian 11 was to install the vmware plugin by simply running

apt-get install centreon-plugin-Virtualization-VMWare*


Later we had a problem with a library that was solved by installing

apt-get install libtext-template-perl