Which proptocol do you use to monitor your Linux hosts ?

  • 6 February 2024
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To monitor our Linux Hosts, we are using the agent nrpe :

We are using the check_nrpe (Version: 4.0.3) on the Pollers Side, and the old nrpe agent binary  (Hosts side).

These binaries are issued from a ‘nagios’ git… (hard to maintain - compiled ...etc)

We would like to use a more standard “centreon” oriented and supported method (with regular updates).


An alternative could be to use this Agentless ssh method :

Also centreon mention nrpe3:

… but it seems that the needed packages are not provided any more with version 23.XX (Example : centreon-nrpe3-daemon.x86_64)


Also snmp exists but it is not our prefered solution.


From you point of view : What is the best recommended standard method by centreon ??

  • Which method is the most used ?
  • Do you think using ssh could lead to potential security risks ??

Thanks a lot !



1 reply

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I’m inclined towards SSH but I think this is a big topic. I am posting to get the ball rolling.