Wrong plugin name in installation command

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Hi there,

I am working on two version of centreon :

Centreon 22.04 on Debian 11 (Bullseye)

Centreon 24.04 on Debian 12 (Bookworm)

(I am planning to migrate my old system to the new one.)


I have a problem on plugins installation.

First, it appears on Centreon 24 while configuring it to monitor my hosts, then I noticed it was the same on Centreon 22..


Web : the plugin seems to be installed, but can not be found in “/usr/lib/centreon/plugins”

Terminal : the command lead to an error.


Actually, it seems that the command is wrong

e.g. :

centreon-pack-network-hp-standard-snmp = KO

centreon-plugin-network-hp-standard-snmp = OK


The first command line is provided by Centreon website when you click on “more info” (“i”) of the plugin you wish install.


Centreon, is it me or what happenned ? 



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Hello @Julius 

The packs are the templates, the plugins are the connectors. The packs won’t work if you don’t have a LIC. Also, check that you resources is ok and that commands are using the correct location:


Configuration  >  Pollers  >  Resources



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Hi @ponchoh ,

Thanks for your answer.


What’s a LIC ?


We solved this problem by restauring a snapshot


My question is more “Why did this happened ?” 

I mean, is this a common bug or just a rare situation that occures somehow sometimes inexplicably ?

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@Julius glad things got solved. Sorry, LIC is short for license. You might need to expand on it to know:


Why did this happened ?


Maybe, share some screenshots of what you expect to see. We can try to find out why...

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@ponchoh I'll try to get some screenshots, but it's complicated now it's working



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Hi @ponchoh 

I'm a colleague of @Julius . 

I'll try to detail a little more the problem we're facing. 

We have an IT100 license. 

When we install a connector via the Web interface, it is supposed to place a “” command file in the /usr/lib/centreon/plugins directory. This is the first anomaly. According to the Web interface, the connector is installed (no error message), but I don't have this command file. However, I do have the templates available when I add my host, but as I don't have the command file, I get an error afterwards. (Here's an example with the Active Directory connector installed on the Web interface, with the templates available but no command file in /usr/lib/centreon/plugins).

We've checked Configuration/Pollers/Resources and the configured path seems correct. 

Second anomaly, when I go to the documentation of a connector (Fortigate here for example: the command indicated to install it on Debian is the following "apt install centreon-pack-network-firewalls-fortinet-fortigate-snmp" but I have an error with the latter, the correct name of the package is "apt install centreon-plugin-network-firewalls-fortinet-fortigate-snmp". Could we have made a mistake in configuring the repositories? (We have scrupulously followed the documentation). 

Another point, in /usr/lib/centreon/plugins I see that there is, for example, the command for centreon poller, but in the list of connectors on the web interface it is not considered as installed. 

Have we misunderstood the pack/plugin system or misconfigured something? 

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback. 

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Hello :)

I'm not sure to be able to resolve the entire problem mentioned. However, I can offer an explanation for the second sticking point announced above about the Fortinet Fortigate documentation.Installation is done in two steps (pack and plugin) as the documentation explains:


  1. If the platform uses an online license, you can skip the package installation instruction below as it is not required to have the connector displayed within the Configuration > Monitoring Connector Manager menu. If the platform uses an offline license, install the package on the central server with the command corresponding to the operating system's package manager:

    For Debian 11 & 12
    apt install centreon-pack-network-firewalls-fortinet-fortigate-snmp


  1. Whatever the license type (online or offline), install the Fortinet Fortigate connector through the Configuration > Monitoring Connectors Manager menu.


Since Centreon 22.04, you can benefit from the 'Automatic plugin installation' feature. When this feature is enabled, you can skip the installation part below.

You still have to manually install the plugin on the poller(s) when:

  1. Automatic plugin installation is turned off
  2. You want to run a discovery job from a poller that doesn't monitor any resource of this kind yet
  3. More information in the Installing the plugin section.

    Use the commands below according to your operating system's package manager:

    For Debian 11 & 12

    apt install centreon-plugin-network-firewalls-fortinet-fortigate-snmp

    So the two commands you mentioned are both necessary for installation if you have automatic plugin installation disabled.

    Best regards