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New AWS Region discovery and Secure Token Service capability

Centreon Amazon Web Services monitoring is made of tens of Monitoring Packs to constantly discover and monitor your Cloud infrastructure and services. 


As a monitoring administrator, you need to embrace the dynamic nature of cloud assets and make sure that getting a 360 view of the health of these assets doesn’t imply making concessions on the security. 

That’s why we introduced two major enhancements to the way we discover and monitor AWS Cloud services.


Amazon Secure Token Service


With the Amazon STS feature, use temporary credentials by making deploying a poller as an EC2 instance a poller inheriting privileges from its associated IAM role.


You don’t need to store sensitive access and secret key anymore to scrape metrics from Cloudwatch, temporary ones are created upon request when a check is performed.


From now, all AWS Packs support the AWSASSUMEROLE macro allowing you to comply with AWS security recommendations and get rid of hardcoded AK/SK pairs. 


Note that your host discovery module must be up to date to use this new capability. 


Amazon Unified discovery


Until today, if you used 11 AWS services across three regions, you have to create 33 separate discovery job definitions… Say goodbye to all this pain and time wasted: you can now only stay at the region level and create only 3 definitions thanks to the new AWS Cloudwatch Discover Pack! 


Indeed, you can leverage the STS mechanism through the provider as access and secret key are not mandatory when using this meta-provider. 


Discover hundreds of assets in seconds:



Exhaustive documentation is available here and we’re open to any feedback or comment!

Great improvement to ease monitoring of large AWS deployments!