How do I create a new post?

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This guide will walk you through how to create a new post and share some best practices along the way. Let’s dive in!

1. Select + Ask Your Question


From any page in The Watch, you can always select + Ask Your Question in the top right to create a new post.

Select + Ask Your Question in the top right

2. Select the type of post you’d like to create


Here you will be presented with two options: a Question or a Conversation. Here’s what to consider when selecting your type of post:



Posting a Question means to the community that you are looking for a solution to your question or problem. This does a few things for the community:

  1. Signifies to Centreon that you have a question – we will be alerted that you submitted a question and can work to help you find an answer

  2. Signifies to the community that you need help – Questions appear in the Unanswered Questions section on the homepage and are labeled throughout the platform with a   icon.



  3. Lastly, replies to questions can be marked as a Best Answer, which helps the rest of the community understand the solution to the problem.


Posting a Conversation signifies to the community that you’d like to share something and, well, start a conversation. This may still be in the form of a question, but you’re not looking for a specific answer. Rather, you want to gather a collection of thoughts and brainstorm with others.


3. Create a title for your post


Make sure your title is easy to understand and clearly summarizes your objective. 


4. Add your description


The more thorough you are in your description, the easier it will be for the community to help you.


5. Select your category


This can either be a Centreon Forums or a group that you have joined.


Selecting a group for your category will result in only that group receiving a notification for your post. It’s a best practice to share questions in Discussion Categories when you need an answer promptly.


6. Add your tags


Tags help organize content for future community members who might face a similar issue. Our moderators can always help you by adding tags after you post, so don’t let the tags get in your way of asking your question. Whatever first comes to mind is usually best for tags. We recommend using english language for tags.

7. Select Create


👏 You did it! You created a post in The Watch Community. Care to post another? I’ve heard it’s even more rewarding the second time.


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