​How do I remove a "Best Answer" mark?

  • 29 April 2022
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✔️ What are best answers?

One great feature in The Watch is the ability to mark a reply to your question as a best answer. This makes it easy for other watchers with a similar issue to find solutions to their questions and helps us to know when you’ve received a satisfactory response. 


❌ How do I undo a best answer?

There may be some cases when you accidentally select the best answer option or would like to change which answer you marked as best.

Currently, there is no way for members to undo or change a best answer mark directly within a post. However, we can help you remove the mark when needed. If you ever need to remove a best answer, simply reach out to @Fabrix via a direct message in the community and provide a link to the post from which you’d like to remove the best answer.

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