Introducing the Centreon Lord Commander: Centreon’s The Watch Ultimate Rank

  • 18 December 2023
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Here are our two Centreon Lord Commanders 

The Watch is Centreon’s user community, a place where problems are discussed and solved and where knowledge and know-how are shared and built, and more. The Watch is quite an eclectic place: IT practitioners from around the world mingle and help each other. Because this is a community centered on growth and altruism, the most helpful users evolve through ranks that recognize their contribution and growth as Watchers. Now, Centreon is introducing an ultimate rank in The Watch, that of Lord Commander. This blog post tells you more about this rank and how it differs from the classic The Watch ranks Newbie, Builder, and Ranger. 


The Watchers: A community dedicated to IT monitoring 

Watchers are the vigilant eyes looking over the crucial IT systems of organizations around the world. They keep a close watch on the ever-evolving IT monitoring landscape, spotting the latest trends and technologies, and sharing their insights with the rest of the community. They also run into issues, often turning to The Watch with urgency, wanting to solve them. Other Watchers have their back, standing at the ready to answer questions from fellows in need. 


Ranks are based on engagement

Depending on the frequency, and even more important, the quality of their interactions with other community users, Watchers transition from the entry-level rank Newbie, up to the rank of Ranger. 

Needless to say, many Centreonians (Centreon’s staff) are also standing guard on The Watch, ready to pitch and listen to any improvement idea the community might have to improve the Centreon IT monitoring software. 

The rank of Centreon Lord Commander is a little different: it’s a role that’s bestowed to those users that have made their marks in The Watch and in the industry. 

The Highest Rank: Centreon Lord Commanders 

Centreon Lord Commanders - @HectorHerrero and @christophe.niel-ACT are Watchers that are tapped on the shoulder to become part of an elite group of IT monitoring experts who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise, and leadership within The Watch and in their field of work. 

Centreon Lord Commanders are selected based on their active participation and impactful contributions to the community, showcasing their knowledge and passion for IT monitoring. They are not just experts; they are leaders and mentors who guide and inspire others in the community to reach their full potential. 

The Centreon Lord Commander program is a platform for these distinguished individuals to connect, collaborate, and contribute on a global scale. It provides an opportunity for them to share their expertise, insights, and knowledge with Centreon users around the world, contribute towards the growth and development of Centreon and the IT monitoring field, and help shape its future.


What if you’re called to become Lord Commander? 

As a Lord Commander, you will have a very unique and important role to play in the community. You will use your extensive knowledge and expertise to contribute to The Watch. You will have the opportunity to influence Centreon’s development and direction, sharing insights and ideas that could shape the future of our platform. You will also be a chief networker, encouraging connections among your peers and sharing your experiences, to foster growth and learning within the community.

Being a Centreon Lord Commander is about leadership. You will mentor other members of The Watch, guide discussions, and help set the standard for our community. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of IT monitoring.

The Benefits of Being a Centreon Lord Commander

Being a Centreon Lord Commander comes with an array of exclusive benefits that recognize and reward your expertise, your contributions, and your role as a leader within our community. These benefits include:

  • Direct Impact: You will have the opportunity to use this influence in roadmap meetings with our product and documentation teams, giving you a direct impact on the future of IT monitoring.
  • Visibility: Any content you create will be promoted across the Centreon ecosystem, giving you and your ideas a wider reach. This exposure is not limited to the Centreon community, but also extends to the broader IT industry.
  • Recognition: You will have permission to use the exclusive Centreon Lord Commander logo on your business cards, social media profiles, website, etc., which sets you apart as a thought leader in the IT operations industry. 

In summary, becoming a Centreon Lord Commander offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers, influence the direction of the Centreon platform, and receive recognition for your efforts in the field of IT monitoring. It is a challenging and rewarding role, perfect for those passionate about IT monitoring and Centreon. 

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