Commands or Service changed are ignored

  • 19 April 2024
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When I change a custom made command or a service on Centreon 23.10.11 WebUI, they are ignored until I restart all Centreon services :

# systemctl restart cbd centengine gorgoned centreon

If I just try to export configuration as I did on Centreon 22.10 WebUI, all modifications made are ignored. Even if :


Changes made on the command are present into /etc/centreon-engine/commands.cfg and /etc/centreon-engine/services.cfg but not on the service view from the top of the web page and are not monitored as expected.


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9 replies

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the central is also a “poller” and must be treated as such, you configure things in the webui, then you push the config on the poller engine


When you do ANY modification, the configuration is pushed and the engine is restarted by clicking here


and then you build the config with the first 2 checkbox, then you “publish” with the third, and restart with the 4th checkbox

you should usually check the 4 boxes and just do reload



there is a new option in 23.10 here

which will do the same thing for all the pollers


if by simply pushing the config and reloading the engine the service is not showing, be sure there are no warning on the push page during the generation, sometimes there are warning that could explain problems

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i will add also that there may be an issue of reloading

when you push the config with reload, try to tail -f of this file :


you should see this 


do you have this when you reload from the export configuration?


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I did the export config with the usual 22.10 method and with the new 23.10 method. In both case nothing is written into /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.log

I notice a strange thing. I changed a definition of a command with WebUI and just save it, but the conf is not marked as changed :

Is it normal ?

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the “conf changed” is set to “yes” when modifying a host or service, other modification like templates, notifications, commands, etc… are not reported on this page (no idea why, but it has always been like that)


But the fact you don’t get any logs in the centengine.log is problematic, there may be a more global issue, because the command to reload is not sent or accepted by the platform

look at this post : Poller is not reloading with export configuration | Community ( it looks similar to your problem


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I suspect a communication problem between the WebUI and background processes. Configuration changes are not taken into account and also when I click on Forced check icon in the Resources status page, I got a “Forced check command sent” message but nothing happens and Last check status is only changed when Next check time is over.

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Hi @Laurent Pellissier be sure that gogoned process is started on your central server.

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Hi @Laurent Pellissier be sure that gogoned process is started on your central server.

Yes, cbd centengine gorgoned and centreon services are all running on a single server.

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Finally, I found a solution by comparing files from 22.10 to 23.10 VM. File  /etc/centreon-gorgoned/config.d/40-gorgoned.yaml  was missing and /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/31-centreon-api.yaml wasn’t filled right :

# vim /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/31-centreon-api.yaml



    - name: centreonv2

      base_url: ""

      username: "@GORGONE_USER@"

      password: "@GORGONE_PASSWORD@"

    - name: clapi

      username: "@GORGONE_USER@"

      password: "@GORGONE_PASSWORD@"


# cat /var/log/centreon-gorgone/login.log  

2024-04-22 14:58:53|0|0|0|[local] [] Authentication failed for '@GORGONE_USER@' : not found 



Migration process from 22.10 to 23.10 seems to have forgotten these 2 files.

Now Forced check is taken into account and also changes made in check commands definitions.

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Hi @Laurent Pellissier , we will update the documentation. Thank you for your feedback!