2023 Recap, 2024 Preview!

  • 22 December 2023
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2023 Recap, 2024 Preview!
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A few days before the new year, I would like to highlight some key points of what 2023 has been for us collectively and provide a glimpse of what awaits us in 2024.

🚀 Your passion for Centreon and active involvement on The Watch has been nothing short of amazing. This year, we've welcomed over 110,000 unique visitors—an impressive 125% surge from last year—and surpassed 450,000 page views, marking a 68% increase. Your keen interest in the content here is undeniable, with 21% of your improvement ideas implemented. These figures are great, but let's set the bar even higher together in 2024!

🎉 Throughout 2023, we've hosted engaging webinars, created helpful tutorials, and penned insightful articles, all centered around our two major releases:
23.04 and 23.10. These releases were enriched with new features, thanks to your collaborative efforts!

I'd like to remind you, although I'm sure some of you already know, that we have two Beta programs underway. Join these groups to find out more and join the programs : New Centreon Dashboard and Centreon Rasberry Pi.

🌐 Our annual gathering, Centreon Summit, celebrated its third edition, currently available in French. But fear not, plans are underway to share this monitoring celebration with a wider audience. Have ideas? We're all ears!

🌟 Looking forward to next year, we're elevating our community engagement. The Centreon Lord Commanders have made a grand entrance, accompanied by a series explaining the ins and outs of how it all works, plus an insider's view of The Watch. Hats off to our first two Centreon Lord Commanders: @christophe.niel-ACT and @HectorHerrero!
Learn more here.

🌍 In 2024, we're expanding our presence at more open-source events, both in France and beyond. If you have suggestions for events or expos we should attend, don't hesitate to let us know. First up, we are proud sponsor of FOSDEM’24, in Belgium this February.

🤝 We're continuing the Centreon Connect series, offering you the chance to meet us in person at Centreon HQ for some friendly vibes and passionate discussions on all things supervision. We've got four dates on the calendar next year,
starting in Toulouse.

🚀 And, of course, get ready for two major updates and accompanying webinars, bringing an array of new features to help you continually elevate your monitoring capabilities. Want to shape the future and give @rchauvel a few more sleepless nights in 2024?
Here's your chance. Keep those product improvement ideas flowing!

🌟 Until then, wishing you happy holidays, joyful year-end festivities, and a spectacular 2024!


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